Laying the Foundation for Total Health

Dr. Valorie Prahl’s holistic approach features a variety of services to address concerns, diagnose problems, prevent illness, and move her patients to optimum vitality and longevity. Each person is a unique individual with unique needs. There is no one-size-fits-all in health care.

Each new patient begins with an Initial Consultation. This is to determine if the evaluations or programs are right for you. An initial consult can be done by phone, Zoom, or in person and there is no charge for this initial 10-15-minute consultation. If you are a candidate for care, Dr. Prahl will begin with an initial evaluation.

Phase 1: Uncovering your Path

The purpose is to uncover your body’s priorities and to develop an individualized program for you.

The visit is something like this:

The Initial Examination includes gathering your vitals, such as blood pressure, pulse, height, weight, and oxygenation. Dr. Prahl will review your medications and/or current supplements. It is important to bring the actual bottles of drugs or vitamins along with you to your initial visit, not just a list. You will understand why when you are here.

In-office functional medicine diagnostics including urinalysis, bio-impedance analysis, zinc testing, nitric oxide testing, and pH testing are performed.

Dr. Val then performs a Healing Synthesis reflex body scan, touching points on your body related to different organ systems. This interactive, integrative health protocol of asking the body what it is communicating is fun and enlightening.

At the end of your first visit Dr. Val will request that you complete a food diary until your next visit and will schedule a date to return for your report of findings. She may decide to send you with one or two nutritional products to get started, if indicated.

Your follow-up Report of Findings Visit is a review of your findings, food diary, and to see how you are doing with her initial recommendations. It is at this visit that Dr. Prahl will make her recommendations for continued care for your health journey.

Phase 2: Treatment Phase

Each person is an individual and has individual needs, so recommendations will vary.

Click here for a list of the types of integrative and holistic treatments she provides. The goal is to help you to reach maximum improvement and to resolve your health concerns. The length of treatment time varies by the person. If it is a simple problem that recently occurred then you may need to be seen once or twice. If your health has been challenged for years your treatment recommendations may require longer treatment plans.

Phase 3: Wellness Care

Once you are feeling good and your health is improved, Dr. Prahl recommends visits to maintain the progress made with your program of care. Life is busy and stressful at times. These visits uncover issues or problems long before they become illness or disease. This is true prevention. We want you to live a long healthy life filled with energy and vitality.