Welcome to Transformative Medicine

We have all heard of psychosomatic illness. It actually happens to all of us. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to understand some of the unconscious mechanisms that allow symptoms and illness to occur in our bodies?

We might think that we are immune to this mind-body connection, and that illness—the heart disease, cancer, or diabetes—just occurs by chance or happenstance. However, think back to the last time you had a cold or the flu. My guess is that you had some sort of conflict going on in your life. Were you overtired since you stayed up too late? Did you have an argument with your supervisor or your spouse? Perhaps you had a project to finish and you were overworked and eating junk food for a week. Yes, I believe that viruses are there, but it is only when our resistance is down that virus or bacteria can take advantage.

Our beautiful bodies are mirrors to all of the conflicts and unconscious patterns going on in our lives and the symptoms we have can be used to understand and transform our lives and our health. Come with me on a journey to explore the way your body is talking to you. The purpose is to help you understand that you don’t have to be a victim. You don’t have to choose illness, infirmity, and a handful of medications as the only way to live in the world. Welcome to the world of Transformative Medicine and the way it can transform your health and your life.

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