Stress Busting Foods And Nutrients

My Mom was a terrible cook. Her passion was her work and she had little energy at the end of the day to focus on preparing good food. She did great community service work, however she never quite figured out how important it was to eat real food.

My brother, sister, and I grew up on boxed sugary cereals each morning for breakfast. We drank Tang, a sugar-laden orange drink instead of orange juice, because the commercials told us that the astronauts drank it. We ate school lunches and packaged macaroni and cheese with hot dogs for supper, opposite pot pies or TV dinners. There were chips, and frozen pizzas, and Pop-tarts. On the few days we ate food that didn’t come out of a box or a can, my Mom was notorious for burning the vegetables, once even catching the kitchen on fire!

I remember being frequently sick and tired as a child and had allergy problems and headaches that kept me home from school in the spring and fall. I knew there had to be a better way. As a young woman, I got really interested in nutrition and holistic healing. This was the beginning of my path of becoming a Chiropractor and then a Clinical Nutritionist.

Give Your Body A Fighting Chance

I want you to know that what you put in your mouth makes a huge difference in the way that you feel.

If you eat junk, you will feel like junk.

Most junk foods such as sodas, cookies, candies, chips and nachos actually deplete our body’s store of nutrients just to process them! It takes more energy away than providing any nutritional value! For that reason, so many people are nutrient deprived.

Eating real nutrient dense foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish, and good fats provides the foundation of good health. If you are living on a shaky foundation, your body doesn’t have the nutrients it needs to deal with the stress and strain of daily living, let alone deal with major stress if it comes along.

Think of a glass house built on a foundation of sand. That is the body you are creating when you choose only packaged and processed foods.

Even if you do eat right, it may still be necessary to take additional supplements since many foods no longer contain the level of nutrients they once had. Much of our crop land is depleted of the minerals that develop healthy nutrient-dense foods.

Eat Your Stress Away

But not how you think!

Scary fact; the average American eats only 1.5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day and most those are French fries! I have had so many patients tell me that they don’t like vegetables. My immediate response is to say “Get over it!

Physical stress is created by these deficiencies. The body doesn’t care if your stresses are physical or emotional. Stress is stress!

Our physical stresses can make us much more susceptible to emotional stresses, especially if we don’t have the nutrients necessary to deal with it.

Each cell in the body requires vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to work optimally. If your nerve cells don’t have sufficient nutrients, they are definitely on edge.

Two common deficiencies related to stress are B-complex and Magnesium. B-vitamin deficiencies can trigger irritability, fatigue and/or depression. Magnesium deficiency can easily lead to anxiety and insomnia.

The brain is about 60% fat and requires a balance of good fat to work well. Start with a good quality multivitamin and add some extra Omega 3 fats from fish oils. Seek help from an expert if you don’t know what to take and always buy excellent quality, pharmaceutical grade, bio-available nutrients. This means that they are tested for purity, undergo strict standards for manufacture and are tested for absorbability.

Have you ever known someone who has a very stressful life, a busy job, a crazy schedule, lots of obligations… yet they never seem stressed out by it? They sleep well at night and handle things as they come without getting bogged down. It has everything to do with how their body is able to handle it all.

I can’t necessarily make your life less stressful, but I can help you feel less stressed. Schedule a free consultation on my website today.

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