Healing Synthesis

Once you understand the difference between illness and symptom, your approach to illness becomes transformed. No longer is the symptom an enemy to resist and destroy. Instead, you discover in the symptom a partner that can help you see what you lack and overcome your illness. At that point, the symptom becomes a teacher, helping you take responsibility for the growth of your consciousness–though one that can show severity because illness knows only one goal: to make us whole.”—RUEDIGER DAHLKE

What can we learn by what the body is saying with its symptoms?

Unconscious patterns create illness within the body and ignoring the messages from body aches and pains creates greater problems going forward.

Aches, pains, signs, and symptoms are the language the body uses to communicate and are there for a reason.

Many people are not at all aware that their bodies communicate with them all of the time. It would be wonderful if a heart could speak verbally something like this: “Hey you, listen to me, I am hurting and need some attention. I need to experience more love.” Unfortunately, the heart doesn’t have a voice box. However, the heart does speak; it’s just that most people do not know to listen in the first place.

By not listening, it is more likely a person will feel tightness in their chest or a shooting pain into their shoulder blade. If we learn to listen to what the heart wants earlier in this process, major problems like heart attacks and angina can be avoided or prevented in the first place.

Other organs speak as well and it is valuable to learn and understand the language of symptoms. It is a pathway to self-understanding and self-growth. Symptoms are not enemies to be destroyed but messengers to help us understand ourselves more.

I share methods to become more comfortable with taking responsibility for your own health. The word responsibility, broken down into two parts–response and ability points out that all people have the ability to respond to what their bodies need. The benefit is self-acceptance and loving your body more.

You become an active participant in your own healing, which empowers you and takes you more quickly into health, vitality, and well-being.

My programs explore the universal archetypal patterns that are likely affecting your overall health. It is in illuminating symptoms, physical and emotional, and understanding their deeper meanings that we are able to shift our perspectives and allows us to live our lives more consciously. Instead of internalizing our challenges and creating greater dysfunction we face our challenges and live in our bodies.

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