Healing Synthesis Dynamics of Healing Programs

Ray of Light Program

This program is for those who are fairly healthy and just want to be sure they are taking the right nutrients and for new patients to explore if there are other hidden issues to address.


An initial examination/evaluation to find your body’s priorities and uncover an individualized path for you. This 60-90 minute visit includes consultation, health history, and goals for care. The examination includes a bio-impedance analysis, zinc analysis, nitric oxide analysis, urinalysis, and a comprehensive body scan. This is an integrative visit combining a functional medicine examination with energy medicine.

This is an opportunity to bring in the supplements that you are currently using to see if they are working. It is also important to bring prescribed medications along so we can determine what nutrients may be depleted by medications. The guesswork of knowing what to take is taken away.

Included is an additional 60-90 minute visit to report on the initial findings, to uncover problems, and to identify and design the baseline nutrients for the individual. On this second visit, further programs may be recommended based on the information uncovered.

Why two visits? Bodies are multidimensional and multi-layered; there is no one size fits all strategy. Products that are tested as not beneficial initially, may work in a week or in a month; however, when first tested the products take too much of a person’s energy to utilize. Perhaps the gut lining has to heal before it can be absorbed. Processes have to be fixed, priorities have to be addressed, tissues have to heal, and then additional supplements may be able to be used. This is the beauty of energetic testing. The body knows when things are right.

Total $457

Insight Genetics Program

Includes multiple reports, evaluation, and designed diet and supplements based on the individual’s genes.

Genetic testing is done through a totally private and confidential laboratory that will never sell information. Once the results are available, typically 4-6 weeks after the kit is sent to the company, the reports are ready.

This program includes:
• Mood and personality report
• Diet and lifestyle report
• Healthy genes report
• Biochemical report
• Supplement recommendations report

All of this information is utilized to optimize your genetic function and design the optimized supplement recommendations specifically for your genes. The reports contain multiple links to research and to explore the findings more deeply. One discovers the balance of foods to eat based on genetics and has a personalized supplement protocol based on the individual’s DNA. Read more…

Dr. Prahl will spend approximately 90 minutes on the initial visit going over the reports and making initial recommendations. Two weeks later, she will schedule an additional 60-90 minutes to address any concerns or questions that may have arisen after reading and digesting the abundance of information contained in the reports. These visits can be done in person or via Zoom.

She will also provide insight into the patterns and illness that affect people and how to prevent problems from manifesting. You will have access to all of the supplements she recommends.

Total $657: $300 on receipt of test kit, with balance due at first report

If the individual is experiencing significant symptoms, Dr. Prahl may recommend one of the following programs.

Illumination Program – Three Months of Care

This program is for those interested in making significant changes in the way they feel, healing at deeper levels, and have help to determine an exact supplement plan based on their body’s unique need.

• Everything in the first visit of the Ray of Light and Insight Genetics Programs

• Six additional 30-45 minute sessions, two per month, in person or via zoom.
• Creating a Clean Slate detox protocol with a 14-day Detoxification kit which includes all the nutrients required along with simple step by step instructions. It includes recipes that fit a busy lifestyle. This detox is easy to do, even if you are busy or working.
• Cortisol stress evaluation and report, interpretation, and lifestyle guidelines to help reduce stress and balance hormones. Stress is related to fat storage, sleep disturbance, and hormone balance, as well as being a contributing factor to most chronic diseases
• Follow-up in-office testing for Bio-impedance analysis, nitric oxide, pH, and zinc levels

Balancing thoughts and emotions

We explore the multidimensional archetypal patterns that express in the form of physical symptoms in the body. It is possible to know whether problems and symptoms experienced are physical, emotional, spiritual, chemical, environmental, or requiring a change in energy; such as sleep work, or play. Often problems require looking at multiple aspects. It is possible to release and transform stuck negative emotion in the physical body via safe and effective techniques and move towards healthy positive emotions. Emotions are chemical reactions in the brain and body and they can trigger hormonal reactions throughout the body. These reactions can cause you to hold on to traumatic patterns from events that occurred even in childhood, prior to having the cognitive abilities to process the emotions healthfully. The patterns can also create “habits of stress” within the body, causing the flooding of stress hormones and overreaction to minor stressful incidences. I incorporate some emotional release work and other stress-relieving strategies throughout the scheduled visits. Often patients report that they feel lighter and are more willing to take healthful actions. (This is not therapy and does not replace the work of mental health providers)

Moving to Maintenance

Re-evaluation and plans for forward momentum

$2500 (Payment plan) – $2,250 Pay in Full

Full Spectrum Program – Six Months of Care

This program is for those with more significant issues and chronic conditions and/or want the very best for their health.

In addition to all that is included in the Ray of Light, Insight Genetics, and Illumination Programs
• Six additional Visits, 12 total, 30-45 minute, twice monthly, in person or via zoom
• Creating a Clean Slate detox protocol with 21-day, instead of 14-day, detoxification kit included.
• Two cortisol stress evaluations, instead of one, with reports

Total $4030 (Payment Plan) Pay in full $3627

Say, for example, that you opted for the Ray of Light or Insight Genetics program prior to deciding on a three- or six-month program of care, the cost of these programs will be reduced by the amount you have already paid.

In all programs, customized supplement recommendations will be made. (supplements beyond the detox program are not included.) Generally, the average cost of supplements while on a program will run between $75.00 and $150.00 per month depending on the severity of your condition.

Typically, this will be less for maintenance. Some cases require more supplements, some less. Each case and person is unique and treatment is customized individually.

Benefits of the all these wonderful plans include:
• Knowing that your unique body is being sustained and supported on all levels
• Finding yourself waking up full of energy that continues throughout the day
• Having decreased pain and other reduced symptoms
• Improved sleep, digestion, elimination, and improved mental focus
• Resolving long-standing problems or conditions
• Knowing exactly the right foods for your optimal health
• Have a customized supplement plan designed specifically for your body
• Improved emotional balance and sustained vibrant health and well being
• Support in helping break through stuck patterns so you can live an inspired, joyful life
• Guidance on how to easily implement what you’ve learned to maintain your vibrant lifestyle changes

If you’d like to explore these programs to evaluate which is the best fit for you please book a free consultation with Dr. Prahl here: