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Phase 1: Uncovering Your Path

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The purpose is to uncover your body’s priorities and to develop an individualized program for you.

The visit is something like this;

The Initial Examination includes gathering your vitals, such as blood pressure, pulse, height, weight, and oxygenation. Dr. Prahl will review your medications and/or current supplements. It is important to bring the actual bottles of drugs or vitamins along with you to your initial visit, not just a list. You will understand why when you are here.

In-office functional medicine diagnostics including urinalysis, bio-impedance analysis, zinc testing, nitric oxide testing, and pH testing are performed. 

Dr. Val then performs a Healing Synthesis reflex body scan, touching points on your body related to different organ systems. This interactive, integrative health protocol of asking the body what it is communicating is fun and enlightening.

 At the end of your first visit Dr. Val will request that you complete a food diary until your next visit and will schedule a date to return for your report of findings. She may decide to send you with one or two nutritional products to get started, if indicated.

Your follow-up Report of Findings Visit is a review of your findings, food diary, and to see how you are doing with her initial recommendations. It is at this visit that Dr. Prahl will make her recommendations for continued care for your health journey. 

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