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Helping Healers Uncover Hidden Treasures of Transformation

Healing Synthesis is a holistic program for healers that teaches how to evaluate their clients and integrate multiple aspects of healing with confidence. You can see from the outline below that it is a very comprehensive program.

There are two special events coming up in November that are introductory sessions exploring the 12 astrological archetypes that impact health and well-being. This course is open to anyone interested in a deeper understanding of self and how to embrace wholeness. These courses are designed to introduce you to the concepts, whether you are a healer or not. The benefits are self-understanding and strategies to stay healthy for a lifetime.

We are taught to suppress and ignore our pain and fatigue, not to pay attention to what our bodies are trying to say. Your symptoms are not your enemy! Symptoms are a pathway to transformation and healing.

Your body will tell you just what it needs to heal if you learn how to listen. Discover strategies to release judgement, overcome resistance, embrace wholeness, and illuminate your individual healing path.

Everyone has heard of the Law of Attraction, but what about the Law of Vibration, the Law of Polarity, Law of Unity, or the Law of Rhythm? Learn how these forces work in your life.

In addition you learn:

  • 3 ways to raise your vibration
  • Introduction to the patterns associated with the 12 astrological archetypes
  • How and why you want to create your own rhythm
  • Hidden meanings behind your symptoms
  • 3 strategies to embrace the Sacred Feminine within you (even if you are a man)

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Full Course Healing Synthesis program

What you will learn in the Full Course

  1. What is Your Body Telling You?
    • Introduction to the Concepts of Healing Synthesis
    • Why Symptoms are Gifts
    • Introduction to Archetypes
    • Introduction and Demonstration of Muscle Reflex Testing and Energy Testing with practice sessions
  2. Nutrition Basics
    • Effects of Standard American Diet
    • Epigenetics
    • What are the best foods
    • Stress and the effects on the body
    • Gut – Brain connection
    • Baseline Nutrients
    • Always Test-more demonstration and practice of muscle reflex testing
  3. Nutrition Advanced
    • Energy Nutrients
    • Bugs-Bugs-Bugs
    • Detoxification
    • What are qualitysSupplements
  4. Universal Laws
    • Law of Beginning
    • Law of Resonance
    • Law of Vibration
    • Law of Unity
  5. Law of Polarity
    • Two Ends of the Pendulum
    • Exploring the Shadow
    • Projection
    • Integrating the Light and Dark
  6. Fire
    • Complete Destruction to Courageous Connection
    • Egoism and Domination to Centered Self-Expression
    • Arrogance to Deep Trust and Wisdom
  7. Water
    • Dependency to Nurturance
    • Self-Destruction to Metamorphosis
    • Fragmentation and Chaos vs Wholeness and Integration
  8. Air
    • Lies and Projection to Authenticity and Connection
    • Inaction and Indecision to Balance and Beauty
    • Anarchy and Mania to Creativity and Liberty
  9. Earth
    • Greed and Materialism vs Oneness of Body and Spirit
    • Bitterness and Puritanism to Total Mindfulness
    • Rigidity and Intolerance to Mastery of Life
  10. Business Basics
    • Responsibility
    • Vision and Clarity
    • Message and Brand
    • Ideal Client
    • Impact Circles
    • Goals
    • Action Steps
    • Ancestral Clearing
  11. Develop your Business Plan
    • Your Unique Program and Healing Packages
    • Clear Conversations and Plan for Your Clients
  12. Putting it all together
    • Review: Body Scans
    • Body Scan for Archetypal Patterns
    • Review: Universal Laws
    • Review: Ancestral Clearing
    • Review: Business Questions
    • Q&A
    • Graduation

The full course will begin early in 2020

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