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  • Sinus Strategies
    Overview of simple strategies to help with chronic sinus conditions Read more
  • Responses vs Reactions
    It has been a while since I sent out a newsletter. Not sure why – I guess because I’ve been on a roller coaster, like so many of us living Read more
  • Love in the Time of Corona
    People have been asking me what they should be doing and taking to prevent illness and to protect themselves from the corona virus. Many thoughts are swirling through my head and, Read more
  • Happy Holidays, Self-Care, and Play!
    Happy Holidays! It’s time for the last-minute holiday hustle and bustle.  Are you like me, who for so many years rushed around making last-minute preparations for the holidays? We want the tree, the Read more
  • Sleep - Heavenly Sleep
    Sleep is integral to good health. Unfortunately, many patients report trouble with having good-quality, uninterrupted sleep.This past summer I experienced a few weeks of lost sleep and it left me Read more
  • Do You Fear Your DNA?
    It was once believed that once you grew to adulthood it was impossible to change your brain or your body. You were dealt the genetic cards you were given and Read more
  • Circulation and Giving
    Universal laws affect us all and it is not just the law of attraction! There is the law of vibration, the law of rhythm, the law of polarity, just to Read more
  • Do you have Monkey Mind?
    Do you ever have trouble concentrating?   I know I do. So when my monkey mind starts jumping around from one thought to the next then I feel as if I am Read more
  • Intentions 2019
    What are your intentions for 2019? Is getting healthier part of the path? Please let me know if there is any way I can help you reach your health or Read more
  • Christmas is Nearly Here…
    We are well into the Holiday Season. How are you holding up? Are you letting the stresses of the season get you down or are using this opportunity to build Read more
  • Lessons From A Wake Up Call
    October 29, 1996 – 3:00 am – is when I received my wake-up call. I woke to the smell of smoke. I reached for my husband Mike and said, “Honey, Read more
  • Diabetes Prevention
    Diabetes and other diseases associated with altered blood sugar are rapidly becoming an epidemic in our country. High blood sugar distresses all of the systems in our bodies. Diabetes is Read more
  • Noticing More Pain Lately?
    We are getting really close to the beginning of Autumn and I have noticed something. Patients have been coming in with lots more inflammation and pain. It has really been Read more
  • Stress Busting Foods And Nutrients
    My Mom was a terrible cook. Her passion was her work and she had little energy at the end of the day to focus on preparing good food. She did Read more
  • Variation of the Serenity Prayer
    I happened across this variation of the serenity prayer in my notes this morning; “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, to change the ONE I can, Read more
  • A Few Tips On Naturally Relieving Allergies & Their Symptoms
    Allergy season is here! Yuck!!! Runny nose, teary eyes, face pain and headache are just a few of the symptoms you might suffer with thanks to good ‘ole allergies. An allergy Read more

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