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6 hours class

Helping Healers Uncover Hidden Treasures of Transformation

Healing Synthesis is a program that teaches healers and those seeking greater health how to evaluate the ways we are all connected spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Once we recognize we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we understand that our physical bodies offer clues to the hidden treasures that maximize human experience. The Healing Synthesis Program uses hands-on evaluation techniques and methods to provide healers pathways that help clients identify and overcome problems and patterns that create illness and discontent. No longer are our symptoms something to dread, but are opportunities for transformation and self-acceptance.

6 Hour Healing Synthesis Program

What you will learn in my 6 Hours Program

Fee for this class is $97

  1. Healing Synthesis Archetypes
    • The Healing & Protective Archetypes of the Devine Feminine
    • Guided by Dr. Valorie Prahl
      • Explore the Archetypal Wheel in this six-hour program. 
      • Masculine and feminine archetypes have nothing to do with either gender or sex.  See how tension in today’s world is triggered by the unbalanced expression of this divine energetic union. 
      • We will survey the Feminine Archetypes of water and earth, discovering the symptoms that manifest if they are out of balance and discuss strategies to maintain balance and harmony.
      • We will discover how the masculine energies of fire and air function in  our lives and work on ways to integrate these patterns with ease and grace. 
      • Learn how to recognize and find balance of the male and female within you.  
      • Understanding these patterns affects your overall wellbeing and helps you to prevent illness and to live a more optimal life

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